Training Instructors


As one of the principal founders of Engineered Software, Inc., Ray Hardee is co-owner, Chief Engineer, and a co-creator of PIPE-FLO® and PUMP-FLO®software. Hardee, who graduated with honors from the United States Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, NY, spent several years as an officer in the U.S. Naval Nuclear Power program.  After his service, Hardee’s career spanned over 13 years in the power generation industry where he worked for Ebasco Services. There, he was involved in the start-up and test group where he would perform the pre-operational tests for both nuclear and fossil power plants.

Recently, Hardee has been a contributing member of several committees that were responsible for authoring the Optimizing Pumping Systems Guidebook and the standard ASME, EA-2-2009 Energy Assessment for Pumping Systems.

During his time at Engineered Software, Hardee authored Piping System Fundamentals: The Complete Guide to Gaining a Clear Picture of Your Piping System, and has also contributed dozens of articles and papers to various magazines such as Pumps and Systems, Treatment Plant Operator, and Water World. Not only is Hardee a recognized author, he has given over a thousand presentations and is actively teaching in the hydraulic fluid industry worldwide.


Jeff Sines has almost 30 years of plant operations, process engineering, training, and software engineering experience. While serving four years as an electrician in the US Navy nuclear power program, Jeff earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas. After commissioning and additional nuclear power training, Jeff served as a Reactor Mechanical Division Officer and Chemistry / Radiological Controls Assistant aboard a nuclear-powered cruiser. In addition to supervising reactor and steam plant operations while aboard ship, he conducted training on piping systems, equipment performance, and fundamental principles of fluid flow.

As a member of the decommissioning crew for his ship, Jeff worked closely with Navy and shipyard crews to defuel the reactors and disassemble systems in the engine rooms. Nine years of Navy experience provided him with a solid background in various aspects of plant operations including electrical power generation and distribution, mechanical equipment, hydraulic piping systems, water chemistry controls, strength of materials, nuclear physics, and thermodynamics.

After leaving the Navy, Jeff spent 11 years in the pulp and paper industry in various roles at the Weyerhaeuser Specialty Cellulose Fiber Pulp Mill in Cosmopolis, Washington. As the Production Supervisor, he worked closely with employees to analyze process upsets, identify root causes, coordinate repairs, and implement process improvements. As the Operations Training Coordinator, he developed and implemented an operations training program, developed qualification standards, updated training material, and conducted classes. He also served as the commissioning and training coordinator for major equipment and instrumentation modernization projects throughout the mill. During the final year of mill operations, Jeff served as the Power and Recovery Department Operations Team Leader where he supervised crews to maintain operation of high-pressure steam boilers, liquor evaporator systems, turbine generators, plant utilities, and the chemical recovery plant.

Currently with 9 years of experience at Engineered Software, Jeff has made a positive impact in various roles using his industrial plant operations and engineering experience. As a member of the Engineering Technical Support Team, he continues to provide valuable advice to customers to accurately model and analyze their fluid piping system applications in PIPE-FLO Professional software. As a Senior Project Manager, he has implemented key improvements in the software, including the addition of heat transfer solution methods, control valve calculations, and new modes of operation for pumps and valves. Using his experience meeting nuclear quality assurance requirements in the Navy and his ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Auditor experience at the pulp mill, Jeff developed a Commercial Grade Dedication package for dedicating PIPE-FLO for use in the nuclear industry. As the Training Lead Engineer, Jeff co-authored the second edition of the Piping System Fundamentals book and revised the companion course. He also developed and taught the Piping System Assessment and Optimization class, the Centrifugal Pump Webinar, the Process Measurement and Control Webinar, and the Heat Transfer Webinar. Including training as a certified instructor for the Hydraulics Institute’s Pumping System Optimization class, Jeff has over 800 combined hours of instructional experience.


George Stephens has over 21 years of process engineering experience and has been with Engineered Software, Inc. for over 11 years as an instructor teaching FLO-Master and Piping System Fundamentals classes. Stephens earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology, from Central Washington University.

Prior to working at Engineered Software, Inc., Stephens specialized for 10 years, as a process control and instrumentation engineer for the Weyerhaeuser Company in their Fine Paper division. Stephens spent his time there conducting process audits on paper machines and training mill personnel on the installation, calibration, and maintenance of field instrumentation.

He designed and built specialized portable instrumentation racks with multiple sensors which would tap into the process piping at various points, and then removed and relocated with ease. Stephens also provided data collection, analysis, and troubleshooting expertise to the Fine Paper division.

Stephens possesses over 1400 combined hours of instructional experience on the FLO-Master and Piping System Fundamental (PSF) classes since joining the Engineered Software, Inc. team. Stephens is a major contributor to the PSF instructional materials. When not training, Stephens serves as the lead engineer for the PUMP-FLO™ products development team and a contributor to the PIPE-FLO® development team as well as the lead in supporting the CONVAL program.


Sarah Cockburn has been with Engineered Software, Inc. since 2014 and was hired on as a Technical Support Engineer for PIPE-FLO® Professional and the Flow of Fluids software. Within the first year, she completed the FLO-Master certification program and became the lead FLO-Master instructor for Engineered Software.

Cockburn graduated from Washington State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemical Engineering, along with minors in Mathematics and Chemistry. Here, she gained hands-on experience completing multiple projects including her senior project for the Department of Energy – Hanford Site. For that project, her team designed two processes (using an activated carbon and an aerogel column) to neutralize volatile radionuclides released in warm water oxidation off-gas system.

Today, she serves as Product Engineer for PIPE-FLO® Professional and the PUMP-FLO® product family for development and release implementation. She is Engineered Software’s dedicated on-site trainer for on-boarding and support for PIPE-FLO® Professional. In addition, Sarah is accountable for Technical Support administration.


Dominik Fry has nearly a decade of experience in the energy industry while holding positions of critical importance on some of the nation’s largest energy projects. After earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Montana State University he began his career with Halliburton Energy Services in in the burgeoning Bakken oilfield in North Dakota. While there he developed the guidelines and standards for the first horizontal wells drilled in the area which would come to dominate the industry. He brought a technical focus to an area where rules of thumb had ruled in the past, and developed the engineering department from a couple engineers to a group of nearly twenty. This process of engineering and program development was repeated in the DJ Basin in Colorado, taking a small facility and helping to transform it into a hub of activity for the area.

After obtaining a Professional Engineering license in Mechanical Engineering from the State of Colorado he was tasked with a nationwide focus at Halliburton. One area of pride was to develop and teach multi week engineering and fluids courses to all new engineers. He also worked on the highest profile projects such as offshore oil wells. Part of this included working inside the Shell Oil Company headquarters in New Orleans, helping to oversee their offshore rigs which would average over a million dollars a day in operational costs. After Halliburton was ordered to pay over one billion dollars for their role in the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, he was put in the position as the final engineering signoff for Halliburton on all offshore deep water cementing off the west coast of the United States. This included an exploratory well off the north coast of Alaska in one of the harshest environments in the world, with over five billion dollars invested by Shell into the project.

Never afraid to take on a new challenge, his innovative approach to problem solving has led to numerous solutions and cost savings for customers. One project that was started to characterize and optimize wells for ConocoPhillips ended up educating the entire industry with its unique perspective. This manifested into a Society of Petroleum Engineers paper titled “An Analytical Comparison of Wellbore Deviation and its Effects on Proper Centralization in the Bakken” (SPE #174064). While working on another project his team developed an industrial process for impregnating porous silica with liquids, essentially turning a liquid into a solid for ease of transport, metering, and use in certain applications. While technically intensive, the full details may be found under the patent “Wellbore additives that include liquid-infiltrated porous silica” (#WO2016140656 A1).

Passionate about finding new solutions to old problems, the move to Engineered Software, Inc. was a natural fit. He enjoys learning and sharing his knowledge within the organizations of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and Mensa International. In his free time, Dominik enjoys renovating homes, building anything you can imagine, and is an avid outdoorsman. He enjoys understanding how and why things work, even going so far as to design and build various items such as his own skis and kayak.