Engineered Software, Inc. has partnered with Configure One to provide customers an integrated solution for pump sizing, selection, configuration and quotation. The jointly developed solution provides seamless integration between ESI’s pump selection technology, electronic pump catalogs and Configure One’s enterprise-class “Concept” product configurator.

PUMP-FLO® is one of the most common products provided by Engineered Software, Inc. Find out more of how you can take advantage of PUMP-FLO® technology for your business.

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PUMP-FLO® Insight allows users to generate and manage configurations, quotes and orders for a broad range of industrial products including pumps, turbines, motors, controls and packaged pumping systems. It supports centrifugal and positive displacement pumps including vertical turbine, regenerative turbine, AODD, gear and fire pumps.

Being tightly integrated with ESI’s pump selection technology, Insight allows users to incorporate additional selection criteria that compliment and refine the centrifugal pump selection process. In addition, the programs design allows a customized look and feel, configuration rules and workflow to meet your unique business and technical requirements. Configure One also offers extensive application integration expertise over a broad range of business and engineering systems, including ERP, CAD and CRM.

PUMP-FLO® Insight also improves the quality, accuracy and consistency of configurations and quotes while increasing the productivity of sales, customer service and engineering resources and reducing turnaround time. With the ability to manage all documents associated with each configuration, quote and order they generate, users can quickly and easily search through existing configurations and quotes and view all related documents.


PUMP-FLO® Insight Features:

  • Pump Selector:  The pump selector is a powerful tool that allows users of all levels to make intelligent pump selection.
  • Design Point Calculator: With total head calculator users can calculate the system’s total head at the required flow rate, providing the information needed for detailed and accurate pump selection.
  • Pricing Configuration: Modeling your workflow in PUMP-FLO® Insight will keep the process consistent, efficient, and eliminate 40-80% of human errors.
  • Quotation/Proposal Generation: This module allows users to easily organize quotes, pump curve data sheets, BOMs, and additional documents to generate an official proposal.
  • Seamless Integration: Insight will seamlessly consolidate your existing ERP, MRP, CAD, and CRM applications as well as integrate with your brand, website, and online shopping cart applications
  • Web-Based Pump Selection
  • Pump Sizing, Selection, and Evaluation
  • Manual Selection
  • Open Architecture Integration with Existing ERP/CRM
  • Advanced Selection Criteria
  • Standard and Custom Motor Tables
  • Design Point Search
  • Supports Multiple Catalogs
  • Extensive Fluid Tables and Support for Custom Fluids
  • Motor Selection and Sizing Criteria
  • Dynamically Generate Pump Curves and Data Sheets
  • Automates Sales and Engineering Tasks

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