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PUMP-FLO® Connect is a web-based product in the PUMP-FLO® family of products designed to assist manufacturers in the pump selection process. Connect provides a place for companies to list their digitized catalogs of performance curves in a convenient, affordable, and secure hosted cloud environment. The service gives manufacturers’ customers access to their unique storefront and allows users to size and select centrifugal pumps based on design-specific system requirements.



  • Operating point reporting based on intersection of system resistance curve and selected performance curve
  • All-new optional reporting of speed at design flow
  • Enhanced customization of manufacturer branding for PUMP-FLO® Connect storefronts
  • Two ways to dynamically change speed and impeller diameters on performance curves
  • Multiple speed curves with design point, efficiency, NPSHr, power, and SRC’s
  • Enhanced manual selection functionality
  • An updated and sustainable code base
  • Improvements to site monitoring
  • Enhanced mobile presentation
  • Close deals faster
  • Go after competitive bids with the right information at your fingertips
  • Increase market visibility
  • Size and select centrifugal pumps based on design-specific system requirements
  • Respond quickly to customers
  • Support Your Distribution Channels
  • Customizable UI
  • Printed Reports
  • Web-Based Pump Selection
  • Lead Generation
  • Supports RFQ
  • Web-Based Pump Selection
  • Search by Pump Catalog, Type, Speed, and Operation
  • Design PointSearch
  • Dynamically Generated Performance Curves
  • Support Custom Fluids
  • Advanced Search Criteria
  • Motor Selection and Sizing Criteria
  • Ability to Save Selection Lists
  • Hosted on Amazon EC2 Architecture- Virtually 100% Uptime
  • Amazon CloudWatch Service 24/7