Unplanned downtime costs on average $260,000 an hour, with an average duration of 4 hours. Something as simple and as solvable as running a pump at too high a pressure, or having a tank at too low a level can run you a bill of more than $1,000,000. In today’s world of rising costs of materials and manufacturing, the easiest revenue to recover is your annual maintenance spend and reducing your unplanned downtime.

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Compressible Calculations – Only in Advantage

Evaluate compressible gas applications in your piping system with PIPE-FLO® Advantage.

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Simulate piping systems as conditions change over a specified period of time with the PIPE-FLO® Overtime module.

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With the all-new PIPE-FLO® Professional Stock module, users can accurately and easily model any pulp and paper slurry piping system.

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Engineered Software, Inc.’s PIPE-FLO® Professional is the world’s leading fluid flow analysis and design modeling software tool. This versatile platform provides value across multiple disciplines, industries and during all stages in the lifetime of a fluid piping system. It provides a common basis for operators, process and design engineers and management to understand, communicate and document their fluid piping systems and processes. Equally applicable to process, support and distribution systems in commercial, industrial and public facilities.

Learn about new features in PIPE-FLO® v17 in the Product Specification below or attend our FLO-Master Training where our Senior Engineers provide attendees with a detailed understanding of how piping systems operate. This is a great way to experience PIPE-FLO® Professional while earning 16 PDH/CEUs.

“ECPI University has been fortunate to use PIPE-FLO® when teaching classes. The interface is amazingly user-friendly and helps solve complex problems with extraordinary ease.
PIPE-FLO® is highly loved by students who are able to design real world problems and select components straight from supplier catalogs.”

– Wael M. Ibrahim, Ph.D. | East Coast Polytechnic Institute

Product Specification

The PIPE-FLO® product line allows a user to input design and operational data, including equipment performance information. It then simulates the operation of that system by calculating the flows and pressures throughout. Customers use PIPE-FLO® simulations when:
  • Designing a System: Through a PIPE-FLO® simulation, users can design a fluid handling system that meets the production requirements of an industrial facility, supports the operational needs of a commercial facility, or delivers the services expected from the utility company.
  • Operating a System: As a customer’s business fluctuates or evolves, the operational requirements of their fluid handling systems also change. Through a PIPE-FLO® simulation, users can effectively manage changing production demands, continually identify system improvements that increase yield, and quantify the ROI for system optimization projects.
  • Troubleshooting a System: When a fluid system is not operating as expected, either through a reduction of product quality, reduction of system capacity, or because of frequent maintenance events, a PIPE-FLO® simulation can identify the underlying hydraulic issues which are the cause, or a contributing factor to the failures.
COMPRESSIBLE Calculations – Exclusively in Advantage

Evaluate compressible gas applications in your piping system with PIPE-FLO® Advantage. The easy-to-use interface allows users to draw piping system models quickly and enter design data for installed and planned equipment. PIPE-FLO® Advantage calculates pressure drops and balanced flow rates using a combination of convergence methods to rapidly close on an accurate solution.


Simulate piping systems as conditions change over a specified period of time with the PIPE-FLO® Overtime module. PIPE-FLO® Overtime can forecast tank levels, pressures, flows, and pump operations resulting from evolving conditions. In addition, parameters and devices can be graphed and overlaid to provide a visual heartbeat of the process.


With the all-new PIPE-FLO® Stock module, users can accurately and easily model any pulp and paper slurry piping system. Pulp suspensions have unusual flow behavior that are not easily replicated in standard analysis software. PIPE-FLO® Stock provides head loss and pressure drop calculations in accordance with the TAPPI standard TIP 0410-14.

Ease of Use:
  • Fully integrated for use with our Stock and Overtime modules
  • Over 6,000 fluids
  • Clearly visualize and share important piping system parameters
  • Pump selection from PUMP-FLO® database
  • Import and export data
  • Model updates in real-time
  • Design new systems, plant expansions, and manage startups/shutdowns/variable loads
  • Simulate and troubleshoot abnormal conditions
  • Evaluate multiple operating and hypothetical scenarios
  • Adjust pump speeds and system settings (VFD – Variable Frequency Drive)
  • Comparing actual vs design hydraulic behavior
  • Defines tank geometry to the tank devices
  • Ensures equipment manufacturers’ operating specifications are met
  • Premier application for control valves
  • Calculates pressure, flow rates, choked flow, total head, NPSHa, and more on pumps
  • Based on industry recognized principles and standards from ASME, HI, IEC, AWWA, ISA, and ANSI
  • Visualize entire systems
  • Pre-populated and customizable reports
  • Display only the parameters relevant to you
  • Clearly communicate between engineers, clients, managers, designers, and operators
  • Colorize the model with gradient colors covering 20 different design parameters

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We strive to design + create software that is both intuitive and flexible for you. We also aim to advance industry knowledge and propagate best practices in the design and operation of plant systems through strategic partnerships, industry advocacy and educational programs. If you want to know more or dig deeper, check out the links here. We think they might help!

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