Maintenance & Software Assurance

Maintaining an active Maintenance & Software Assurance agreement gains you access to a wide variety of benefits that you can take advantage of.

Take a look below and find out for yourself just what your Maintenance & Software Assurance can bring you!

Please note that TechNet has been replaced by the new Maintenance & Software Assurance agreements, and when your TechNet agreement expires you will be renewed under Maintenance & Software Assurance.

Maintenance & Software Assurance Includes:

Access to our Remote Access functionality that empowers you to stay productive no matter where you are
Get upgraded to v17.1 that contains the all-new Device Library feature!
Regular software updates like v17.1 that contain new and improved features, functionality and bug fixes
Complimentary version upgrades every year
Maintain the trade-in value of your software if you ever wish to upgrade, such as from a Stand Alone to Enterprise License
Unlimited access to our technical support team should anything happen to your software during the life of your agreement

You can fill out this form and someone will be in touch with you soon about your M&SA agreement!

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