Water & Wastewater

The Big Picture:

The water / wastewater industry is very capital intensive with each facility spending approximately the same on capital expenditures as they do on labor. The infrastructure required to supply the entire American populace with a reliable and sufficient water supply is massive, including a series of dams, pumping stations, water treatment plants and a huge distribution system of pipes. Population growth, as well as greater incidences of drought and other adverse weather conditions, has increased demand for water supplied by industry operators. Additionally, economic growth has expanded water demand from both downstream commercial and industrial customers.

As government regulations tighten and rising environmental consciousness of water consumption rise, compounding with aging infrastructures, it’s imperative for the operational efficiency to remain the utmost importance in treatment facilities.


There are approximately 1 million miles of pipeline and aqueducts that carry water in the United States and Canada. That’s enough to circle the earth 40 times. Making every dollar count, PIPE-FLO® Professional allows water / wastewater operations to realize significant savings in both energy use as well as maintenance costs by identifying sub-optimal operating conditions.

PIPE-FLO® is designed to simulate actual system operating conditions to troubleshoot, anticipate and avert emergencies, increasing system reliability and uptime.


Using PIPE-FLO® Professional in the water / wastewater industry can identify steps to maintain and increase profitability. By simulating system equipment behavior over a variety of operating conditions the root cause of valve and pump wear and failure can be identified and solutions proposed before a shutdown occurs or unplanned maintenance is required. PIPE-FLO® can also identify energy usage within the system and help operators and engineers investigate lower cost alternatives.

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