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The Oil and Gas industry represents global commerce on a massive scale. World energy markets are continually expanding and companies spend billions of dollars annually to maintain and increase their oil and gas production capacity. The U.S. Energy Information Administration states the increase in global supply of petroleum (and other liquid fuels) is almost twice the increase in consumption. Despite the stereotype, this drastic increase in supply – without a corresponding increase in consumption – is a recipe for shrinking profits.


Over 50% of the electrical energy consumed in an oil refinery is used by pumped systems. Inefficient use of this energy causes wear and tear on equipment, increased maintenance costs and hazards on the plant floor.


The future of oil and gas hinges on improvements to drilling technology and techniques. Using PIPE-FLO® Professional, the Oil and Gas industry can simulate actual system operating conditions to troubleshoot, anticipate and avert emergencies. It can increase system reliability and uptime while identifying steps to maintain and increase profitability. As industry operators deplete their reserves, it becomes necessary to improve efficiency and minimize waste.

Evaluating the performance of piping systems in compressible gas applications is challenging, especially where there are high velocities or significant changes in density. That’s why Engineered Software, Inc. developed PIPE-FLO® Compressible. Compressible is designed to evaluate the performance of piping systems in compressible gas applications.

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