Engineering Design

The Big Picture:

Over the last decade, revenue in the Engineering Design industry, has continued to decline due to weak public sector spending on large infrastructure projects, as well as relatively weak private investment in new facilities. The industry has also undergone significant consolidation over the last few years. Competition in this industry is high as a result of the large number of firms and high level of skill involved in completing industry services.


Rising demand from individuals and businesses will cause engineering companies to tailor design efforts to be increasingly environmentally friendly and cost effective. Emphasis on the environment and efficiency from individuals, businesses and government entities, is driving engineering companies to focus on greener design solutions. Competitive forces demand cost-effective solutions. As a result, firms are relying on computer-aided design systems that provide cost-effective and accurate assessments on tighter schedules to secure lucrative bids.


Using PIPE-FLO® Professional in the Engineering Design industry will eliminate the need for manual calculation and uses the fundamental physics and industry standard equations that to provide fast, reliable results. The Data Import function in PIPE-FLO® Professional, which was developed for industries like Engineering Design, gives users the ability to import large amounts of data from an external source such as the output from other design tools. However, the true power and flexibility of the Data Import feature comes to light when taking advantage of Python™ scripting to generate or retrieve data.

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