The Big Picture:

Buildings come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and purposes and have been constructed to different standards. Improved economic growth is expected to bolster the Commercial Building Construction industry and low unemployment will increase the need for more office space throughout the service sector. As a result, computer-aided design and modeling software is increasingly being purchased by general contractors to allow more accurate forecasting and projections of project costs. The rising costs of construction materials combined with weak demand prevent the industry profit from growing at same magnitude as industry revenue.


There are nearly six million commercial buildings and industrial facilities in the United States. Approximately 19% of the US total electrical capacity goes to commercial buildings and, 50% of that electricity is used for building heating and cooling.


PIPE-FLO® is valuable to Designers, Engineers and Maintenance staff who use the application to simulate chill water systems, HVAC and heating along with all of the building’s other fluid systems. Specifically, PIPE-FLO® features the Thermal Calculation dialog that allows users to link a Flow Control Device (such as a control valve or variable speed pump) to heat transfer devices (such as chillers and radiators), making PIPE-FLO® Professional ideally suited to model heat transfer processes and process controls.

PIPE-FLO® has the flexibility that lends itself to chill water cooler and hydronic heating systems, allowing for reduced energy costs by implementing the most efficient design and operation.

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