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The chemical industry manufactures a diverse range of chemical products. Each product requires a different process, materials and feed stocks to manufacture. Although the chemical industry is highly fragmented and diverse, chemical manufacturers rely heavily on downstream demand from the manufacturing sector. International trade also plays a significant role. While exports have fallen quite drastically, buying industries have become more globalized and an increasing number of foreign companies have started demanding chemical products. Declining demand for certain chemicals and lower production costs abroad, have even pushed some operations to consolidate.


In the next few years, industry revenue is expected to remain relatively flat. Resin and other raw materials used are derived from petrochemical-based feedstock; therefore, variations in the price of crude oil can significantly influence the cost structure of industry participants. If the price of oil increases, companies are likely to pass on these costs by raising product prices, a response that could dampen sales.


Using PIPE-FLO® Professional the chemical industry can simulate actual system operating conditions to troubleshoot, anticipate and avert emergencies. The accuracy of the PIPE-FLO® program can provide a clear picture of how to optimize unique systems; providing instant results, using less energy and amounting to savings on operating and maintenance costs.

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