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We’re a small, local company with a large, global impact. Our PIPE-FLO® product line helps some of the largest companies across a variety of industries find hidden profit in the design and operation of their fluid piping systems. Our PUMP-FLO® product line enhances the sales and marketing outreach of the largest pump manufacturers in the world. Together, our products have the potential to significantly reduce worldwide energy demand through the selection of the right pump for an application and the efficient design and operation of industrial piping systems.

In your new position, you will experience the breadth of responsibilities and organizational impact you would find at a startup, with the stability and extensive product lines of a 30-year-old, stable growth company. We like finding better ways of doing things and value people who speak up about solutions, pursue a collective, analytical response to problem solving, and provide thoughtful and honest retrospectives. We desire visionaries who weave their ideas with ideas from others around them, and we have a company full of visionaries with which to interact. We expect a lot, but only expect it over the course of a normal business day.

Marketing & Social Media Specialist