The Hydraulic Institute Launches Pump Energy Index Calculator for Department of Energy Regulated Pumps

Calculating the Pump Energy Index (PEI) to comply with the Department of Energy (DOE) pump energy conservation standard released January, 2016 will become a bigger challenge as manufacturers prepare to meet the 2020 compliance and labeling requirements. The DOE Test Procedure, based on the Hydraulic Institute’s standard for pump efficiency testing (HI 40.6), is a multi-stepped process, and the data required to determine a pump’s PEI, can vary according to the product configuration.

To help pump manufacturers understand the complex test procedure and calculate PEI in a consistent manner, HI developed the PEI Calculator tools with the help of member companies Engineered Software Inc. 

Designed to be used in-house and integrated into OEM testing programs, the macro enabled, excel-based tool was developed by Engineered Software Inc. and is exclusively available to HI members.  

This tool will help manufacturer’s determine their pumps’ PEI according to DOE Regulations.  Each tool walks the user through the calculation process according to the pump type and the requisite section of the DOE test procedure.  Data is collected throughout the process and help text is provided to explain the meaning of different values and the testing options.

HI is committed to developing standards, technical resources and programs that benefit the pump manufacturing industry and pump system owner-operators.  The PEI calculators will integrate with the HI Energy Rating Program scheduled for public release in mid-2017.  This new HI Program will list pumps with the HI Energy Rating Label in a searchable database for utilities and end-users seeking efficient pumps that qualify for rebate and incentive programs.