PIPE-FLO® Professional Saves Canadian Nickel Mine over $542k in Annual Operating Costs

Engineered Software, Inc.’s mission when developing and enhancing PIPE-FLO® and PUMP-FLO™ software is to assist clients in realizing energy efficiencies through improved piping system understanding and superior equipment selection.

Recently a plant engineer working at a nickel mine in Canada reached out to ESI when the mines operators proposed an expansion and wanted to find the most optimal approach. This paper is a short case study about how ESI assisted in the redesign of the existing mine and helped with the expansion goals.

Before we go further into the case study, let’s review the Darcy Equation to gain a better understanding of the underlying issue the plant engineer was facing with the proposed expansion. Using the Darcy equation for calculating the head loss in a pipeline (formula 1), it is easy to see the impact fluid velocity has on head loss.