CTS Inspection Services Solves Issue with Flow of Fluids

Founded in 2006, CTS Inspection Services offers a range of services including engineering, surveying, project and construction management, support services, and NDT inspections. CTS’ wide clientele includes oil refineries, petrochemical plants, power generation plants and offshore industries.

The CTS design team has been using Flow of Fluids to aid clients in the design and specification of pipes, pumps, pressures, and flows. 

While working on a recent project with Plains All American Pipeline, headquartered in Houston, Tx, CTS was asked to check if a system had enough available suction head because there was excessive vibration in the pump. During this investigation, CTS started using Flow of Fluids to help efficiently determine a solution to the vibration problem.

Using Flow of Fluids, CTS was able to determine that the available suction head was sufficient across all flows. After discovering the suction head was sufficient, the decision was made to increase the RPM on the motor to run at a higher flow and efficiency while reducing the pump vibration.

“Flow of Fluids has allowed for far quicker and cleaner evaluations of systems than a spreadsheet would ever allow,” said Tyler Kerr, VP of Engineering for CTS Inspection.  

Impressed with CTS’ efficient and thorough evaluation of systems, Plains All American Pipeline has continued to use CTS for the design of gathering systems along with mainline DOT pipelines. 

Over time, as the systems have grown, CTS has upgraded their Flow of Fluids license, which is restricted to 25 pipes, to the full version of PIPE-FLO® to better support their growing client base.