PUMP-FLO® Software Upgrades Coming in 2015

Engineered Software, Inc.’s mission is to create intuitive software for efficient pump equipment selection and optimal system configuration.

Staying true to the company mission, ESI plans to launch several technology upgrades for its PUMP-FLO™ selection software in 2015.

The software upgrade includes the following new features:

  • Operating Point Reporting Based Off of Intersection of SRC and Selected Curve – Updated reporting shows the head and flow on design curves selected where pumps will operate in specified systems, and on a curve in relation to the Design Point entered at selection.
  • All-New Reporting –Speed at Operating Point Functionality – Similar to the Operating Point reporting, this allows reporting of pump speed where pumps will actually operate in the specified systems.
  • New Design Point Functionality – Enhanced accuracy when reporting Design Point in pumps operating in parallel and series for more precise pump selection.
  • Enhanced Customization of User Interface (UI) and ePUMP-FLO™ site – Increase awareness of customer brand with the enhanced and easy-to-use customizable interface.
  • New Design Head Tolerance Feature – This all-new feature allows more pumps on a selection list based off of Design Head Tolerance criteria for improved pump selection.
  • Additional modern code updates – This allows integration with our modern code base for increased ability to add new and improved features moving forward.

These exciting new upgrades and technology migration will have minimal impact for PUMP-FLO™  customers, including those that take advantage of the storefront offered in the ePUMP-FLO™ web services software.

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