Use Design Points to Minimize Pumping Costs

A change in a pump’s operating design point can have a large effect on the operation of the pump, as well as the operating cost. You will quickly see how important it is to re-evaluate a system when a change occurs to the pump or any other aspect of the system. 

The Piping System

In this study we have a piping system that pumps from a Supply Tank to a pressurized Discharge Tank. The pump was sized to supply 600 gpm to the pressurized discharge tank, and a control valve was installed to control the flow rate. The pump was selected using the PIPE-FLO® Pump Selection module and a 4×3-10 ESP pump running at 3560 rpm, was selected for use in the system. Once the system was up and running, it was discovered that the flow rate through the system would be 400 gpm for the next three years, not the 600 gpm that was originally planned. Since that change occurred after the pump was selected, and the system flow rate was also changed, this will affect pump operation.