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Keen Pump announces a new 2hp grinder pump “KGS2” release for 2015.  The “KGS2” series centrifugal grinder has a semi-open impeller design and will afford extremely high heads while also achieving high flows. Keen Pump also now lists our 1-15hp, 3”-4” Solids-Handling pumps as FM3615 “Explosion-Proof”.  This includes our “K3/4RN” and “K3/4RV” series pumps. Towards the end of 2015, Keen Pump plans to include larger solids-handling pumps with the FM3615 approval.  As Keen Pump recently celebrated our ten year anniversary entering 2015, our Ashland, Ohio plant facility will expand to add more finished goods locations, a more efficient service center, and more grinder pump assembly lines to keep up with increased sales demand.  Coupled with Keen Pump’s quality submersible pumps, liftout packages, controls, and complete fiberglass basin packages are offered for the majority of our pumps.  Keen Pump’s recently expanded basin assembly building is now dedicated to serving all of our customers with basin depths up to 20 feet, with diameters to 10 feet.  Keen Pump stocks “Turnkey” residential basin packages and can build and deliver basins for residential grinder pumps and solids-handling pumps up to and including 6” discharge within two to four weeks.

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